Spring, Summer & Fall Maintenance

Depending on the season we will clean up leaves, debris, and more!

Spring Cleanup:

Cleanup and removal of debris that have collected on and around turf, planting beds, and other key landscape areas (leaves, sticks, etc.). Cleanup of accumulated snow plowing and sanding debris along driveway and road edges where applicable.

Topsoil and Re-Seeding:

Areas damaged along driveways and road edges (where applicable) due to winter snow removal activities, will be repaired, top dressed with topsoil and re-seeded.

Regrade Drive:

Driveways will be regraded, re-crowned and edges will be sharpened. This will greatly enhance the look of your landscape as well as extend the life of the driveway.

Compact Drive:

Driveways with steeper grades or heavy traffic patterns will be compacted in order to help them hold their form and endurance.

Re-Edging Landscape Beds:

Landscape beds and mulched areas, bordered by turf, will be mechanically or hand-edged providing an outline of landscape features. Edging not only improves the look of the landscape, but it helps keep the turf areas separate from mulched areas.

Re-Mulching Landscape Beds:

Landscape beds that contain mulch will be re-mulched every spring with high quality triple ground bark mulch. Just enough mulch is applied in order to “dress up” the landscape, reduce weed growth, while at the same time protecting against the over mulching of valuable large feature trees and root collars.

Weed Control:

Target areas are treated to control weeds; the following are standard: drip edges, driveways, select stone drainage swales, select areas of landscape beds and tree planting rings.

Brush Cutting:

Brush cut areas consist of areas that are not part of the regular mowing plan. These areas are cut per your contract monthly, mid-summer and fall, or just one cut in the fall. This type of cutting prevents the growth of woody plants and maintains a field/meadow look.

Field Mowing:

Mowing of large “field areas” with larger tractor and field mower completed mid-summer and fall or just fall. Note: In many cases this service is combined with Brushcutting in order to cover all sections of the property efficiently.

Fall Cleanup:

Clean up of fall leaf material and debris in preparation for winter. Leaf material will be removed from the lawn, bed areas, decks, drip edge borders and specialized areas outlined within your contract. Additionally, at this time, we can install snow covers and wrap sensitive valuable trees and shrubs should you require this option.

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