Tree & Shrub Care

Pruning to promote healthy growth patterns and optimal shape.

Fruit Tree Pruning:

Ornamental and edible fruit trees are pruned to promote healthy growth patterns, shape, and deadwood is removed which works to help reduce the spread of disease.

Dormant Oil Application:

Horticultural Oil applied to targeted trees and shrubs in order suppress over wintering stages of insects.

Birch Leaf Miner Treatment:

Birch Leaf Miners are small insects that feed on and skeletize leaves leaving an unsightly appearance and compromising the health of the tree. An application is made by soil injection, trunk injection, or standard spray methods depending on your contract and in some cases the location of the tree.

Bronze Birch Borer:

Bronze Birch Borers are insects that bore into the tree and then feed in circular patterns under the bark. This severely impairs the tree’s ability to uptake nutrients leading to a decline in health and most often death of the tree. A preventative is applied in early spring or fall by soil injection, soil drenching or trunk injection. If you have birch trees in your landscape this service is highly recommended.

Deep Root Fertilization – Spring and/or Fall:

Trees and shrubs are fertilized with a liquid fertilizer through a deep root injection method. Homestead has custom blended fertilizers in order to match the needs of trees and shrubs in the Vermont environment. Our blends contain all the necessary macro and micro nutrients, with variations including but not limited to Sea Kelp, Humic Acid, Microbial Bio-stimulants, Wetting agents and beneficial bacteria, etc.

Custom Fertilization Blends:

Blends developed for specific sites and the special case need of selected trees and shrubs.

Pine Tree Pruning:

Pruning and shaping of the new growth on pine trees in order to maintain desired shape, height, and size.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning:

Trees and shrubs are pruned to improve and maintain healthy growth patterns and to help ensure that growth patterns match the needs of the landscape. Pruning helps to control shape, height, and clearance of structures.

Large Tree Pruning and Removal:

Large, feature trees are maintenance pruned, corrective pruned, and/or safety pruned. Trees that have been determined hazardous or deemed unwanted by the owners will be removed.

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