Garden Maintenance

garden0045-400x583Spring Bed Maintenance:Perennial Beds are prepared for spring and summer. Plant stalks that have been left behind for winter interest are removed and beds are cultivated in order to extend the life of your perennials and to maximize growth and color they will be fertilized with an extended life fertilizer that will provide necessary nutrients during the growing season.Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Bed Maintenance:

Care for your annual and perennial flowers. Plants will be deadheaded and pinched back as required. Beds will be cultivated, and annuals will be fertilized in order to maximize color and growth. Note: Watering will be provided during this service but during times of drought additional care will be needed.

Spring, Summer and Fall Annual Installation:Annual flower displays will be installed in beds and/or containers.

Fall Bed Maintenance: Annual flower displays will be removed. If containers are present they will be removed and stored for the winter. Perennials that have no winter interest or will be lost in the snow will be cut back and prepared for winter.