Home Maintenance

The team at Homestead knows how precious your time here in Vermont is to you, and we want to offer you all the service and support you need.

Don’t spend time you could use enjoying the slopes or the golf course on home repair. Do the things that brought you to Vermont in the first place…and let Homestead do the rest!

view01422Service Coordination: Homestead is also in a position to keep your home in tip-top, working order. We can assist you in renovating, repairing, replacing, or upgrading the various components, small or large, of your property:
•    Change locks
•    Replace light fixtures
•    Repair/replace appliances
•    Furnace repair/maintenance
•    Leaky roofs
•    Repair/test alarm systems

If you would like Homestead to take care of homeowner’s issues like these, we would be happy to do so. We will contact the appropriate services for you; make all the arrangements, meet with the service on site, assist as needed and follow-up to make sure the job has been completed to your standard and satisfaction. We do charge for this service based on the complexity of the project.